Photojournalism Gems from LENS.

I’m quite sure there must be nearly a hundred posts of weekly favorites from the New York Times LENS Photojournalism blog.  If you’re stoked on Photojournalism just go to the CapturingCapacity homepage and type in LENS in the Search bar on the left side, or simply just click here if you’re really lazy ;}  Well, enjoy the shots & be thankful for what you’ve gots. That Wraps It For This Post. Past This Point You mights run into ad territory […]

Photojournalism Gems From LENS

If by some freaky-deaky chance you haven’t visited or stumbled upon the New York Times Photojournalism site LENS, please figure it out. Here are some incredible shots from the past week :

Photojournalism Gems From LENS

Sorry for the lack of posts recently!!  Been wrapping up the winter season here in Utah, and burnin’ time in other ways.  Here are some brilliant shots from the past month of the NY Times LENS photojournalism page. Please note the Photographer’s names in the bottom right corner of every shot if you’d like to see more of their work :}

Photojournalism JEMS from LENS.

A lot of the photos from this week come from the clashing in Kiev – what a brave set of individuals those protestors are.  All photos are pulled from the New York Times LENS photojournalism site.