Miscellanea to Entertain Ya! (#8)

The stream of stimuli that has flooded our lives due to the internet is dumbfounding; especially when you hold the modern flow in comparison with that of only 20 years ago.  Debatably there are many positives and negatives, but it certainly can help to inspire.  Here are some miscellaneous images pulled from the unending search for thought provoking visuals and fascinating artifacts of human culture. If you’re digging on these images / theme of Miscellanea, you just might want to […]

Miscellanea to Entertain Ya #5.

Pulled from the vaults of intriguing images collected from around the internet over the past few months and assembled into a mind blowing gallery, you’ll find a massive hodge-podge of stunners for your viewing pleasure below.  Here’s hopin’ these tickle your balls (eyeballs that is).

Miscellanea to Entertain Ya.

Happy Wednezday yawl.  Here’s hoping that the transition into the new timing rhythm has been smooth.  In the case you need some zany fodder in your life, check out the gallery below. POWA

Miscellanea to Entertain Ya #3.

You know the drill…..here’s general miscellaneous dregs pulled from the depths of random folders and a tidying up of the desktop.  Thanks to all the cool sites out there that allowed for the discovery of the below images: Yimmy’s Yayo, Juxtapoz, Another Reader, Patternity, etc! N-JOY!

Miscellanea to Entertain Ya.

For inspiration, for giggles, for looking at on the toilet, who knows how or where you’ll view this gallery of randomness below, but it’s likely you’ll find some of these tid-bits interesting no matter what.

Miscellanea to Entertain ya.

On my desktop I have a ‘prospective posts’ folder in which many, many random images are dumped, with the thought/intention that they will become the substance of a posting.  Now and then I will cull imagery that can not really stand on its own in a miscellaneous hodgepodge of wildness (check out the post of the 1st purge here).  Below you’ll find a wide gamut of intriguing visuals that have been collecting dust, but will now hopefully stimulate your mental […]

Ye Token Christmas Post!

We like to keep things non-traditional around here but it’s hard not to get on the Xmas train- so please enjoy this gallery of off-beat Christmas miscellanea and have yourselves a hairy little Christmas!  How about that Helicopter harvesting Xmas trees?!  (BTW: the “Deez Nuts” & Snoop Dogg images go together, it is a Christmas card he put together)  

ILLLL!!!! Post 400!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the ILFORD photography supply company, the featured image is a re-tweak on the packaging  of the first rolls of film I used back in high school – ROOTS!  For this 400th posting, we’ll be serving up just a whole lot of miscellanea with the vague theme of the Homo-sapiens incredible capacity to do rad shid.   SO, like any good party, lets get some tunes rockin’ and pop some mind altering drugs (drugs […]