About This Site

CapturingCapacity.com was created to showcase the incredible artistic ability and the immense potential (both good & bad) of humankind.  After dredging various (increasingly random) areas of the web and blogosphere for the past 3 years, I have amassed a sizable collection of audial and ocular goodies that I would like to share & ‘broadcast’ as a testament to the imaginative capabilities of humans.  With any luck, this site will trigger imaginings and creation of your own.  Also, please check the Portfolio section to view my personal photographic works from the past 5 years.  Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to the evolution of  art and humanity!


    • Mary Lynne Johnson

      Hi Travis,
      This is amazing. Love the graphics and I’ve always admired your photographic work. Tried to post this on Facebook but it didn’t go through. I’ll keep trying. All the best. Sending lots of love to you!
      Mary Lynne

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