Just a stone’s throw southwest of Zion National Park (UT), exist the remnants of a town by the name of Grafton.  At the fledging age of 9, the tactile set of Grafton unlocked a new & more graspable sense of time scale.  Along with many other Utah natives before me; studying the gravestones in the cemetery and inspecting the inscribed walls of the abandoned school, brought light to new arenas of thought, and left me slack-jawed.  The sociological curiosity of deserted communities would continue to lure questions and intrigue from my evolving mind – bringing meditations of cause & effect.

These meditations on causation led to the investigation of the Boom-Bust cycle; and the continued exploration of regions that had experienced the Deceitful Boom.  Drawing similarities between forsaken enterprises of the past, and industrial capitalistic practices of the modern day, became the basis for my Senior Project at CPSU in San Luis Obispo (graduated ’09 with a BFA in Photography).

Seeking an escape-route from this Boom-Bust cycle trend, I spent the last two years learning alternative build techniques in New Zealand.  Valuable experience in natural construction was gained, and otherworldly vistas became my photographic focus.

Back Stateside – a recent photographic road trip through Vegas, Boomtowns of yore & present, plus Yosemite – has supplied opportunity to document the follies of humankind alongside the wonders of Earth.  Combining these two, I hope to incite questioning on the longevity of Boom-Bust currents, and their relation to the immensity of Nature.

– Travis Jennings


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