Capturing Capacity

Same Story, Different Scale.

Taken during a leisurely road-trip from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, this series of photographs represent my most recent grappling with the illogical elements of our growth based economy.  With a multi-day study of Vegas, a visit to a gold miners’ community, and a few relic townships – this album is something akin to a soothsayer’s speculations.  Here is an abstract from my reflections on the trip:

“Rarely, it seems, do many people lift their gaze from their immediate day to day routines of survival.  Seldom is the large scale taken into consideration.  In viewing this compilation of photos, it is hoped that thoughts and questions will arise on humankind’s past, future, and potential.”



  1. dj

    Hey! The Chevron deformity and the message: “getting the job done,” was sweeeet! Couldn’t smell the dioxins of the plastic breakdown on the signing, but I was pleased to see the corrosion of the company logo! Hard to believe that over 10,000 miles of their pipeline dissect our nation; wishing their other 8,000 stations here in usa had this distorted image.

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