Capturing Capacity

Schumacher Lectures

If you’re in search of some insightful and educated talks about pressing global issues – don’t even think about looking any further than this.  As an economist who saw the incompatibility between the Giantism of Industrial Capitalistism & the set offerings of this graceful Earth; E.F. Schumacher was a prophetic figure that emerged in the 70’s as a credible and ultra-logical voice for the environment.  When talking about him, I’m quite often surprised by the amount of people that are unfamiliar with Fritz (as Schumacher was known amongst friends from the shortening of Ernst Friedrich) and his work.  In the hapless scenario that you are also unacquainted with Fritz, get the fire stoked up and bust out the good china because he’s coming over to your place.

Unfortunately Fritz passed away in 1977, but thanks to the New Economics Institute (The N.E.I.) and the internet, we can download hour long lectures of his within seconds.  If you are a proactive diehard, you can visit the audio archive of 46 Schumacher Lectures from various environmental & humanitarian all-stars (ranging from 1974 to present) by clicking this, but I will post the most engaging of them on CapturingCapacity.  To start of this recurrent series we have 2.  First is Schumacher speaking at an Eco-village in Findhorn, Scotland in 1974.  I know there are a few of you out there who have heard this one already so as bonus we’re throwing in Andrew Krimbell’s address on the scale and misuse of technology.

Fritz’s “The World Crisis & The Wholeness of Life”:

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click on the 67.0 MB on the right and select Save As..)

Andrew Krimbell’s “Cold Evil”:

DOWNLOAD HERE (simply clicking here will open dialog box)

Alright, if you’re still with us, the last piece of info I’d like to pass along is that Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 if you are in the Boston area, the 32nd Annual Schumacher lectures will be taking place at First Church in Cambridge (more details here).  Admission is FREE and you’re sure to hear some of the best minds in the transition movement.


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