Capturing Capacity

Clyfford Still @ SF MOMA

Every first Tuesday of each month, the SF MOMA offers free admission to the public.  Battling hipster paupers (it’s so hip to be broke right now – if you’re rich you’re a hoser ) for viewing space, getting through the 5 brilliant floors of the SF MOMA was tricky.

A little known fact about myself: I’m a huge Clyfford Still fan – he’s one of my favorite painters, and I think of him often when attempting photographic abstracts.  Walking into a gallery to be confronted with 8’x12′ Clyfford Still originals (in a permanent / dedicated gallery to the artist), and viewing his work in the large-scale of real life was a dream.  Inspecting the unpainted canvas and the brush strokes of pigment that Still had ground himself – knowing that he had been at the very stretched cloth in front of me 55 years prior – was radical.  So below I have included a few photos that I was able to take in the museum, followed by a photo of mine entitled ‘Still Ode’ which was taken in the Penthouse Suite at the tippy top of the abandoned Wurlitzer building in Detroit (2009).  Then one more of his other works.  More SF MOMA art to come soon!


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