Capturing Capacity


ALRIGHT, last few thoughts on SF MOMA (for now).  First up is Marsha Cottrell who creates galactic feeling pieces.  At 14′ x 9′ in dimension, ‘A Black Powder Rains Down Gently on My Sleepless Nights’ is comprised of over 200 prints on mulberry paper and has enough detail to keep you occupied for a good few hours.

Next is Jay Defeo, a prolific artist that created in various mediums.  The museum had DeFeo’s ‘The Rose’ on display, which is a massive sculptural painting that has nearly 2,000 pounds (yes, a ton) of layered oil paint.  Taking the artist 8 years of painstaking refining, some rumors have it that the painting is still not dry (completed in1966), but I couldn’t verify with the gallery cops prowling.  Not permitted to photograph the work, I did get a photo of the plaque, and have included stock imagery of some of her work.

Then a few more random bits and a Rothko that is done a pretty great disservice by my camera and the poor lighting and color match, but hey.

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