Capturing Capacity

Derek Erdman

With Dada-esque style, Derek Erdman is an artist who makes simple and jestful paintings.  He also does some pretty hilarious prank phone calls (hear an example below). Originally stumbled upon Senor Erdman at the blog of Yikes Its Tooney (the genius behind musical act PROduce [listen to track berow]) and spent a good while on Erdman’s site (lotta content).  If you’re interested in purchasing a painting or collaborating with Derek his rates are very reasonable.  If you likes the audio below RIght Click the track name and select “Save Link As” in the box that pops up- just in-case you’re a nube.


“Jackson’s Cubical” ( PROduce track )

“Titles From The Future” (prank call by Derek Erdman)


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