Capturing Capacity

Evil Subconcious Sideffects of Dubstep.


I like your style – not letting signs scare you off- you’d do well in mine country.  This is the first post where the content edges the line between offensive and humorous (for our sheltered and weak-stomached viewers [are there any?]).  The following video is of Comedy Central’s sketch comedy series: Key & Peele.  In this sketch Key & Peele satirize the “disorienting” nature of Dubstep in a very successful and universally understandable way.  The clip is actually more towards the mild end, and really isn’t that disturbing, but there is some minor gore with fingernails and teeth, so if you are squeamish -be warned!  In the future the posts bearing the WARNING!! tumbnail image for the post’s link (off the main page) might be a bit more dodgy and upsetting – so if you can’t handle this, maybe leave future WARNING!’s alone.



  1. Tom Jennings

    So awesome, so authentic, I have actually witnessed this cause and effect taking place in clubs in New Zealand where dub-step has heavily infiltrated the unknowing masses, it’s an evil mess

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