Capturing Capacity

Cards Against Humanity.


Just in case you haven’t heard: Cards Against Humanity is the most radical, ridiculous, and hilariously offensive game you’re ever likely to play.  1 Part Apples to Apples, 1 part Mad Libs, and 3 parts your mentally deranged and extremely inappropriate Great Uncle that has no filter – this game is chock full of outrageous randomness and novel shock value which translate into intense bouts of laughter.

With the game’s beginnings as a Kickstarter project the game’s pdf file is available for free download on Cards Against Humanity’s site so that you can print the game yourself (I ended up dropping $16 for a nice print job and a pneumatic cutter to dice them up for me).Having personally just experienced it for the first time last night, I HAD to share the joy and make sure that you have some knowledge of this twisted card game. In fact here is a direct download link RIGHT HERE —>Cards Against Humanity PDF<— just right click that link and select “Save Link As” option, & hit save.  Not for the wholesome or prudish, playing this game will almost certainly help secure your place in hell, but god dayum is it funny.

Here are some examples of the game play:


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