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Jackie Chan Form: Snake in The Eagle’s Shadow

chan_noudidntThis past weekend we watched “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow”- Jackie Chan’s breakthrough movie from 1978.  Executing an outstanding ‘form’ (a sequence of strikes and positions of a given martial arts style) in the Snake-Fist technique, the intro to the film is a choreographic stunner.  As sacrilegious as it might be, we decided to dub in our own music throughout the film and just read the subtitles.  Synching the hits and battles with alternative beats was pretty awesome, so here is a small sample pairing of the KILLER intro form and “Black Snake Root” (all too appropriate for the movie and Chan’s wardrobe) by MF DOOM.  Try and hit the play buttons as simultaneously as possible.  The best method is to download the song and use a keyboard shortcut on your computer to play the track while hitting the start on the youtube video- or alternatively synch up your own tune.  Might take some finagling and flashbacks to Pink Floyd and Wizard of Oz synching tricks, but it is sweet when it works!


Black Snake Root by MF DOOM (Boz Scaggs “Lowdown” sample)

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