Capturing Capacity

Unique Wall-Carving Art by VHILS!

Seeking a (literal) new dimension to wall murals, VHILS has taken street art to a new level with his process of wall subtraction.  By way of systematically subtracting plaster and layers of brick & mortar, Vhils depicts famous figures such as Picasso,Che Guevara, and Angela Merkel; as well as lesser known international folk heroes (Norwegian fisherman, and himself) in a new and highly textural fashion.  With his work in high demand, Alexander Farto (the ‘real’ world name of Vhils) has blessed a variety of global venues with his special & stunning portraits.  Be sure to scroll down & watch the slow motion filmed, explosion saturated music video (for a KILLER song) that he collaborated with Portuguese musical artist Orelha Negra on – simply sensational !!!


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