Capturing Capacity

ScrapWood Sculptures by Ron Van der Ende


Appropriation of materials has been a big part of the art world for nearly a century now, but now-a-days there has become a larger focus on materials that are considered ‘trash’.  This type of artful recycling is masterfully manifested in the work of Dutch artist Ron Van der Ende, whose medium is scrap wood collected from dumpsters and construction sites.  Shaving off the patinated faces of his scrap-wood samples with a table saw, Van der Ende nails hundreds (to a thousand+?) of variously toned strips onto a bas-relief sculptural base to create a precise and intricate mosaic.  Transforming refuse into amazingly crafted objects, Ron has made a lasting impression on the art world with his unique vision & process.



  1. Ron van der Ende

    Thanks for posting up my stuff! Just wanted to say the wood scraps are NOT painted at all but rather used to cover the surface of the bas relief in a mosaic.

    • HOLY SMOKES- A bit star struck to see your name pop up on this modest blog, wow! Corrections have been made in regards to the unpainted nature of the wood strips – that makes your work all the more amazing! Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing future work of yours! Respectfully,

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