Capturing Capacity

Make It Bacon Baby!


Killer visual remix of the somewhat odd representation of heat waves on the hand dryers in public restrooms.  Here is a relevant story from my youth, and basis of my continued phobia pf said dryers: Reading my first snowboard magazine at the age of 12, I remember there was a section about pulling pranks on people. One of the public health hazards (aka ‘pranks’) was to take a used toilet tissue with humanure on it and rub it on the inner rim of the heater so that when people used the hand dryer it would constantly smell up the bathroom -DEEEEEE SKUSTING.  Horrified and very disturbed I didn’t read another snoeboard magazine for 4 years.  No wonder snowboarders have a bad rap.

Moving on (almost feel as though I should put a warning sign up for that story), below is a great song from artist PROduce, who made a free EP a couple years back which sampled fast food commercials and statistics – it is awesome.  Here is a track about Bacon in relation to the graphic above.  Bonus points for pasting this on, or augmenting a hand dryer to display a funny interpretation of the graphics.  Mega point deduction for attempting the prank described above.


04 Big Enough (MakeItBaconBaby)

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