Capturing Capacity

Incredible Environmental Art & Installations by Andy Goldworthy

First catching wind of Andy Goldworthy and his site specific environmental sculptures via research on Owen Mortensen (see the post on Mortensen’s work here), I have finally sifted through the archives of the internet and scraped together the collection found below.  Growing up and working on farms, Goldworthy has always had a strong tie to the land, and feels natural energies and scenes deeply.  Varying in scale and complexity, some of Goldworthy’s creations take days to materialize, and some (melting snowballs leaving their ghost-marks on paper) are brilliantly quick.  Click here to see a digital catalog of a significant portion of Andy’s work.



One comment

  1. Just Beautiful!–I really like both of the artists a lot.You can almost get a sense of the joy present when he was outdoors and creating what nature tossed in his way. Very nice…

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