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Massive Veggies (and fruits) Family Tree Chart!!!!


AWESOME and super comprehensive family tree of most all the vegetables ( with a few fruits [that many people think are vegetables] to boot ).  How many are you familiar with? Courtesy of PopChartLab (who have many other similar Charts of various things from guitars to coffee to superpowers).  Make sure to click on the above image to blow it up as big as possible!! Via AnotherMag.




  1. Fantastic—I love the fact that they have both Sea and Flowers in this most extensive grouping I have ever seen!
    Thx again for the eye opener.

  2. A. Root

    Totally Rad. I just told Jordan I want this printed out so I can put it in the kitchen. And when can I expect more recipes Mr. Magoo?? Miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. Love, Sara

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