Capturing Capacity

Abstract Decomposing Film Clippings.

david_turconi_doffDavid Turconi was an Italian Film historian who set out to collect as many bits from early cinema as he possibly could.  Many of the clippings from the late 1800’s / early 1900’s have been decomposing and have morphed into a new art form of abstract intrigue.  Here is some background text from the project’s site :

“The collection consists of 23,491 clippings in total (usually two to three frames each). The vast majority of the frames cover the early years of cinema (from ca. 1897 to 1915); however, some items in the collection represent films produced as late as 1944. The Turconi Collection Database is the result of 12 years of ongoing work (2000-2011). The database is the largest of its kind currently available and provides a unique tool for film scholars, archivists, and curators.”

Ephemeral images disintegrating with each passing year – so interesting!  Certainly brings on thoughts of timescale and impermanence.


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