Capturing Capacity

CHINESE Conundrum.

Confuscious once quipped: “A man who runs in front of a car gets tired, A man who runs behind a car gets exhausted.”  It seems like he knew what a negative effect automobiles were to have on his fellow countrymen down the line (WWCD?).  Now-a-days China has become a juggernaut & is gagging on its own growth.  Influenced by pop-American lifestyles, Chinese now practice gown and tux marriages, eat fast food, smoke cigarettes, and drive cars in ever-increasing numbers.  Emulating luxurious Las Vegas Casino style ‘resorts’, China has really begun to shift into the gluttonous gears of American living.  This is supremely scary, as China’s desirous population is over 4x that of ours.  So, quite a conundrum has been created – with China’s massive size now swaying factors such as Earth’s climactic homeostasis and economic trends, it seems as though the export of debaucherous culture from the USA is near the core of China’s menacing manifestation.  Ironic to say the least.  Not to mention WalMarts and ‘consume’-preaching influence in India and other populous nations(another story entirely).

Anyways, here are some very interesting and insight giving photographs of China’s inner-workings & people that will stimulate some thoughts on the.  And just to soften it up a bit, please see the crassly hilarious SNL skit on the topic of the U.S.A’s debt to China (now up to over $1 billion).

A final Confucius-esque quote for the inevitable resource battles that will result from hyper-development and consumer lifestyles:

“War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who’s left.”

And for the ambitious there is another Chinese Debt SNL skit here.

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