Capturing Capacity

Conceptual ‘Church-Tank’ Art by Kris Kuski.

Finely tuning literally thousands of components and pieces in his work, Kris Kuski is brilliantly OCD.  Originally stumbling upon Kuski’s ‘Church Tanks’ via Juxtapoz, further investigation led to the discovery that Kris is a multi-talented artist with incredible attention to detail.  Constructing hus work out of model-kit parts, his creations are the ‘Master’ level of the model building hobby.




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  1. The church-tanks are truly impressive. As it happens, last night I watched a documentary on BBC4 which featured some of the great artists of the early 20th century describing their outlook in their own words (in film interviews). We saw Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’, actually a urinal of course, which arguably kick-started conceptual art.

    The works of Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington, which featured too, made me wonder why these surrealist artists aren’t better known here in the UK (Carrington was British): Dali has a much higher profile.

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