Capturing Capacity

Photographs from Oregon’s Badlands and Painted Hills.

Here are some of my own photographs from the past month of traveling to Oregon’s various spectacular landscapes.  The ‘Badlands’ are only a little over 20 miles east of Bend, and have a lot of incredible Juniper tree skeletons.  The Painted Hills are vibrant clay formations that have taken millennium to emerge and are continuously undergoing phase change.  Hope you like ’em!



    • Aww shux thanks Danyerrrr! We should probably letcha know we are relocating to Joseph in the North eastern part of Oregon! It’s actually not too far from McCall. Talk soon!

  1. dj

    Was delighted by your visuals and the energies that were captured by your heart and lens. I enjoyed some ‘pleasing’ moments, as I was charmed by Oregon.
    “It is possible to leave your surrounding world and return a different person- beguiled, enchanted.” maryellen chase
    Thanks for the personal change and the magical spell.

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