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Dave Chapelle’s BRILLIANT Parody of an Anti-Marijuana Ad.

Anti_marijuana_ad_1_by_todshiRecklessly driving around the bustling streets of Enterprise, Oregon last night, totally NOT high on any type of drug, I was reminded of a absolute CLASSIC segment from Dave Chapelle’s legendary program – Chapelle’s Show.  Laughing hysterically at the memory, I had to see it again, so posted it up on here to share with you all.  Below you will find the original and serious anti-marijuana ad, followed by Chapelle’s parody of the ridiculous propaganda.



Chapelle: Update: So apparently Comedy Central is stingy and won’t really allow for an embedding of the video on here, so unfortunately looks like you’ll have to click on this link to go to the Comedy Central website to view the clip -sorry : /

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Bonus!  when I was searching for a feature image (‘Assassins of Youth’ – a very fictional anti-marijuana propaganda movie from 1937), I stumbled upon this round-up of information regarding the history of marijuana criminalization very interesting read if you’ve got the time!

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