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Chinese Madness – Transfering 250 million Rural Folk into Cities.

As China shifts into the next unfathomable gear of its development and ‘progression’, it seems as though the country is under the reins of a lunatic. In case you haven’t heard, the Chinese government has issued a ‘plan’ to transfer 250 million (that is 250,000,000 – a quarter of a billion) rural farmers and villagers into megalopolises over the next 12 to 15 years.  Why exactly?  To self-support their economy?  China truly has taken the U.S. Military Industrial complex and altered & amplified it into their own custom complex – the Domestic-Cog-Industrial complex.How they think they are going to be able and support mega cities of 10’s of millions of people is beyond comprehension.

Please view the gallery below, and visit the links to the New York Times articles that explore the issue in greater depth (where all the below images are sourced).  The first feature to check out can be traveled to by clicking here, and to view a video that helps to gain perspective on the scale of the transfer, visit this NY Times piece.


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