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Quail Springs Living!

quail_springs_benny_0011Greetings all!  Apologies for such a gap in postings – I have been attending a Natural Building Practicum at Quail Springs; a quasi-experiment on sustainable human lifestyles/practices.  Located in the high desert of southern California ( in between Ojai & Bakersfield), the community is off the grid, and resources are limited and internet bandwidth is no exception, so I haven’t been able to upload files to this site due to restricted data usage. Recently I’ve learned that in between the hours midnight and 5am, internet usage is uncapped :} . Sooo… I have braved the late night hours and uploaded some photos from the first week spent here so that you may see some of the fun projects we have been up to :  lots of adobe, cob, and earth related building methods.  Well, really gotta head to sleep as it is now past 1 am, and work on cob mixing in less than 8 hours!  Make sure to check out Quail Springs website (if you’re in Cali or near by area take a look at their plethora of workshops) as well as the Quail Springs blog for recipies and other fun how-to’s.  Until next time!


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  1. Roarke

    Wow Tora, this looks awesome. What beautiful and unique buildings and the company of such great looking people. Thanks for the update!

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