Capturing Capacity

Banksy’s Brilliance Still Shining Brightly.

banksy_occupy_day4Banksy has logged himself in the history books for many a good reason, and he some how keeps pumping out original and clever works.  Expanding on his unrivaled resume, Banksy has undertaken “An artists Residency on the Streets of NYC.” for the month of October.  Vowing to create a new piece of art every single day for the entire month of Oct., Banksy is curating a free citywide art show complete with audio that passers-by can call an toll-free # to receive info/background & humor upon.  You can see and listen to the building archive of the project HERE ( – well worth a moment of your day.  As bonus, Banksy has recently created a mock-video of Jihadists that is included underneath the gallery below.



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