Capturing Capacity

12 months ago, this wild little folly of a site took its first step.  350+ steps (posts) later, this ongoing digital journey is a joyous one.  Looking back on the archive of human capacity that has accumulated, and the individuals (239 followers?!) that have found inspiration and stimulation in those archives, brings big smiles.  Below I have re-posted the original / introductory post from Oct. 12th 2012. Thanks for being a pat of it all and hope to keep sharing the human experience with you all!


galactic_spiralIt is with great pleasure & thrill that I present the first entry of this web-log (aka Blahg) / website dedicated to capturing & documenting Human capacity.  If you boil it all down, – assuming you are an adherent to the theory of evolution and science/facts – we human beings are merely the product of highly developed and transmogrified stardust.  Looking back 5 billion+ years (hard to do when one’s own mental capacity is measured in decades), Earth was no more than an accumulation of loose dust from cosmic explosions, fused into a frictional molten orb, locked into an orbit around the Sol of our galaxy.  Long story short, our once fluid sphere (formed by order-giving spin) cooled over the span of a few epochs  – and through many subsequent eons, life crawled out of unique bodies of water and evolved to its present stage.  Humankind now seemingly dictates the biosphere of our marble-like planet with complex technology, and near unfathomable scale of production.

This colossal capacity to alter the order of a celestial spheroid, and the many offshoots, facets, and ramifications of our capacity, are nothing short of phenomenal.  With the advent & proliferation of the internet, we now have the supernatural ability to stroll through near-limitless galleries of human comprehension and creation.  Absorbing and re-channeling all of this material, we continue to compound change.

In efforts to appreciate and draw significance from this incredible synthesis, this site has been created to showcase the results of our collective human potential.  Hopefully this cache of audio, visual, and relevant information, will serve as a cyclical charge for impulsions of creativity and epiphanies.  HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!!!!


  1. Roarke

    Just groovin’ to some GRiZ right now and wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of your great work this past year. Thanks for all the inspirations and keep it up!

  2. Tom

    We all so appreciate the Monger’s efforts to promote “impulsions of creativity and epiphanies” in this oftentimes dull-normal society. Let’s celebrate, explore and implement our full potential…NOW

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