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penabranca_eye_featRecently having stumbled across some excellent tunes of the swing and chilled-out hip-hop instrumental persuasions,  I thought it best to pass them along and spread the fun.  If you happen to be in a position to donate a dollar (or 5) to the outfits that produced these mixtapes, you will certainly get some great music karma.  Also, these releases have A LOT of tracks on them (40-50), and to be honest not all of them are ‘bangers’, so you (like myself) may have to do a bit of picking and choosing.

SO… first up we have a track off the incredibly enjoyable ‘Electro Vintage Sounds of the Speakeasy’which samples swing-era tunes and infuses a healthy dose of extra drums and ‘shwagg’.

MondoExotica – Puaayfoot Edit

And the second diddy on show this fine Sunday, is a sampling from the laid back, down-tempo, jazzy-hip-hop instrumentals compilation entitled ‘Pure Dopeness Vol.7’. Perfect for a slow-paced, relaxing Sunday.

Central Parks (USA) – Russian 1


Thanks to Penabranca for the sweeet graphic design work used in this post!


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