Capturing Capacity

Rocket Mass Heater Radness

Deep in the arroyos (canyons) of southern California’s high desert, is an experimental research campus dedicated to developing harmonious lifestyles.  As winter approached, there was a need for a heater in the Commons/Kitchen Yurt – and bada-bing bada-vroom: a super-efficient Rocket Mass Heater was crafted!  Below you will find a rough time-lapse-esque sequence of the creation of the bench (thermal mass for the rocket stove) for the common space / kitchen at Q.S.  Please check out the Rocket Mass Heater Website by Ianto Evans + Leslie Jackson (two of the main innovators of this method) for more info, and to get the book which tells you all about how to build your own.  Good luck


qs_week4_0083  qs_week4_0084

qs_week4_0085qs_week4_0057qs_week4_0040qs_week4_0023qs_week45_0111qs_week6_0013qs_week45_0118Below are some detail shots of the guts of the bench as well as other steps of the process.


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