Capturing Capacity

‘Reclaiming Community’ Talk from Schumacher Lectures.

pollution_silver_liningIt’s been a long-while since last posting a Schumacher lecture, and with the recent experience at Quail Springs, it seems fitting to share another nugget of ‘Small is Beautiful’ gospel. As head founder of the Institute for Local Self Reliance, David Morris was invited to speak at the E.F. Schumacher Lectures.  Speaking of scale, Appropriate Technologies, and localization, Morris is knowledgeable and articulate.  The picture above is of a city in China whose pollution is the epitome of gloom, and to attempt alleviation of such a mood, show a slideshow of pristine scenery – an example of the manufacturing overshoot man is performing.  Download the file by right clicking the ‘Reclaiming Community’ Link below, and selecting ‘Save Link As’.

                                                                                     Reclaiming Community (10-26-1996)


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