Capturing Capacity

Brighten Your Day With These GIFs

yessss_kip_dynamiteSpecifically intended to help you feel good about your Tuesday when contrasting it with the unfortunate souls below.  Also, they’ll put a smile on your mug.  If you don’t get a chuckle out of at least ONE of the GIFs below, you should probably go see your physician and line up a prescription of LTFU* pills.


bbq_bike_jump bush_league horse_poops_on_lady


launch_low_score paperboy_miff snowbank_launch_bury

* LTFU pills are a treatment for a chronic condition caused by today’s serious, & stress filled lifestyles; the acronym is a more formal presentation of Lighten the Fuck Up.


  1. Roarke

    Good stuff, my favorite might have to be the lady on the trampoline and how the kid goes and jumps on it while she’s still under it. thanks for the laughs~

  2. Jared

    Holy shit that was hilarious! I you got good taste . I can’t believe the gymnast who jumps on the trampoline and flys over the mat and smashed into the judges table. that shit is crazeeey

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