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Esoteric Geometrics + Sunday Hymnal Tune from Junip

To say Fredrik Soderberg is fascinated by the occult and metaphysical, would be an understatement.  As a quasi-disciple of Carl Jung, Soderberg seeks to explore, and encourage thought in the connection between planes of immanence and the transcendental.  Alchemy, collective consciousness, hermetic traditions, and meditation are all inspirations for Frederik, who says:

“One of the potentials of art is that it can work as magick, in the sense that it deals with an apprehension of reality that claims you can affect the physical realm by having contact with the transcendental and metaphysical realms.”

Coincidentally, Soderberg’s work was sought after by the band Junip for the cover art on their new album ‘Always’.  For a special Sunday treat, take a listen to the track “In Every Direction” remixed by White Sea below.

                                 In Every Direction (White Sea Remix)


As super bonus, here is the pdf file for a very interesting collection of essays entitled “Konx Om Pax: Essays in Light” by Aleister Crowley, which is referenced in the Painting by Sodereberg that was used for the Junip cover. konx-om-pax pdf.

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