Capturing Capacity

Exploring Cardboard’s Potential as a Sculptural Medium.

chrisgilmourcarboardsculptures2Chris Gilmour used to build models out of cardboard as ‘rough drafts’ & mock-ups for larger scale works out of bronze, wood, & stone; when he realized that the cardboard mockups were alluring their own right.  “The thing that I like is the contrast between a very poor material, and very beautiful objects, very desirable objects,” Gilmour says of his own work.  Spending a minimum of 3 months on each project, and sometimes up to half a year on the more intricate & large scale of the sculptures, his pieces can contain as many as 4,000 individual components cut out and assembled with precision detail.   Chris already has a following of collectors that are paying 10’s of thousands of dollars for a Gilmour original.   Check the video below the gallery to witness some of his process.

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