Capturing Capacity

An Un-Happy Birthday to you, Kim Jong Un!!

Shakespeare’s invention of the prefix Un- has been put to use in some pretty splendid ways (unreal, unperturbedly, but its place in the North Korean leader’s name seems appropriate.  Rumored to have fed his dissenting uncle to 120 starved dogs, Kim Jong Un is quite an uncompassionate and undeserving and unqualified leader.  Turning 31 today, Kim Jong Un is certainly swiggin’ some Hennessy with Dennis Rodman and gettin silly.  Here’s hoping you have an unsavory and ungainly year Mr.Un!   Enjoy some humorous quotes and mishaps from KJU’s career thus far + GIF’s below!

kim_jung_twerk northkorean_forecast northkorea_missle_fail  kimjongun_northkorean_pistols kimjongun_vs_obamaobama_vs_kimjongun

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