Capturing Capacity

Surreal Photographs by Reuben Wu.

Reuben Wu’s photographic portfolio is stunning.  Surreal, hyper-chromatic, and highly evocative, Wu’s work stands alone amongst his contemporaries.  As if his photographic repertoire wasn’t enough, Reuben also is a world-renowned DJ & produces the musical tracks for the duo Ladytron (below the gallery you’ll find a Ladytron track to sample).  Such associations have enabled him to travel and gain opportunity to photograph some of the remote areas he has documented.  His work in the Arctic North archipelago Svalbard (the northern most part of Norway at 74° latitude) is eerie and speaks of man’s  tenacity and overreach.  This body of work was featured in an article/interview entitled “Humans don’t belong there”.  Aside from clicking checking out his site (by clicking on his name above), visit his blog here for more interesting visuals.  Looking forward to more work by Mr.Wu.

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