Capturing Capacity

Feel-REAL-Good tunes from Flamingosis.

Aaron Velásquez (the man behind Flamingosis) is a phenom of musical hybridization & creation.  Creating other-worldy tracks by blending in beautiful & stylistic samples from yesteryear, with modern audio technology and beats (a la J. Dilla), Velàsquez’s work is something special.  And he’s one generous sunnuvagun as well, gifting his new album for all to enjoy free of charge.  Show Flamingosis some serious love and head over to his SoundCloud page as well as the Flamingosis website to keep up with the rising career of this unique and brilliant producer.  There’s a lot of material happenin down below, but the first track is a favorite of mine from the self-titled album, and then below that is the entire album with a DOWNLOAD link.

Two Hearts (Ft. Ian Ewing)

Super BONUS:  Here is a music video (a grand ol’ montage of old VHS clips) set to the track ‘Porno Music’ by Flamingosis!!:

From the Flamingosis site:

Hailing from Morristown, NJ, Aaron Velásquez has been making sample based electronic music compositions for a number of years under the name Flamingosis. Flamingosis (the name comes from a freestyle Frisbee move that his father invented) is an electronic music producer, beatboxer and entertainer.  Gathering influences from other beat makers, such as Flying Lotus, J Dilla and Madlib, Aaron is able to take these sources of inspiration in order to come up with his own unique style.


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