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BONEFACE Continues his Streak of Brilliant Work.

Boneface is styling…..period.  He continues his already highly successful run in 2014 with a few more ultra-detailed, hyper-saturated works that possess a certain outré retro/comic aesthetic.  Boneface’s unrivaled conceptualization & execution appealed to the band Queens of The Stone Age, who contracted Boneface to animate a 15 minute chunk of their new album (‘Like clockwork’).  Boneface obliged and produced a doom-laden and darkly gruesome multi-character mini-odyssey to visually experience 5  tracks of the new album – you can check the youtube video by clicking here. (be warned that it is a bit on the disturbing side).  Below is a collection of some of Boneface’s more recent works:

Seemingly obssessed with apocalyptic themes and lore, Boneface also illustrated his take on a more modern version of the Apocalyptic horsemen:

If you liked the pieces by Boneface in this post, be sure to check out past postings focused on his earlier works by clicking on the links below.









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