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Daft Punk Deux: Awesome Group Art Show inspired by Daft Punk.

To say Daft Punk is legendary is an understatement.  Having influenced and altered the musical landscape with their debut album ‘Homework’ all the way back in 1997, Daft Punk have become global cultural icons.  To get on the Daft Punk frequency, tune yourself in to this classic monster of a track “Around the World” by clickin’ play below.

This month (until the 24th of June), there is a fantastic group show focused on, and inspired by the musical powerhouse that is Daft Punk.   The show is taking place at the Gauntlet Gallery in the San Francisco area, so if you find yourself in the region you might want to go see it first hand.  Pulling in over 40 unique painters, llustrators, and sculptors (such as CapturingCapacity favorite Boneface!!), the show is extensive.  Here is a sampling of the hangings of the show Daft Punk Deux.


The Gauntlet Gallery is Located at 1040 Larkin Street in San Francisco & their hours are 1-7pm Tuesday through Saturday, and by appointment.

If you didn’t understand what the Dog ‘Charlie’ was doing in the gallery above, peep one of Daft Punk’s first music videos for their first hit single ‘Da Funk’ (directed by Spike Jonze!!!) below.  Funnnny shet:

And if you haven’t seen Daft Punk’s venture into film with their production ‘Electroma’, you can watch the very strange and philosophical wordless drama below:









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