Capturing Capacity

Rad Bicycle Stunt-work in one of the best Music Videos of All Time.


If you want to see one of the greatest music videos ever put together, look no freakin further than the masterwork below.  Back in 2010, the talented British electronic music producer Erol Alkan collaborated with a German producer by the moniker Boys Noize and they popped out this audio gem.  A hyper-classy video production by the name of El Niño (check out samples of their work here) got called in to create a music video for the superb electronica sounds – matching it perfectly with phenomenal (tandem) bicycle stunts and quirky humor. The synchronisation of the cyclists superhuman feats and the music is top-notch.   ENJOY!!


DEMs some sweet jackets of the Collaborating musical artists at the start of the video.  After this

might be

some evil ads,

don’t pay them no attention :}

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