Capturing Capacity

Space Time Foam / Fabric Installation

Tomas Saraceno is an artist from Argentina that has recently started depicting Space Time Foam/Fabric in large scale installations with inflated cells that attendees can clamber on as the please.  Looks like an absolute BALL.

Based on a drawing by astrophysicist Paul Davies, the installation mimics current theories on what space-time is made up of, and what it looks like on the infinitesimally small scale.  Here is an excerpt from the Artist’s Statement:

“On Space Time Foam has been inspired by the theories of quantum physics, according to which the fundamental layer of existence, the conformation of the universe on the smallest scale, defined “Planck scale”, is structured like a foam. The very title of the work encompasses these three dimensions, “Space-Time-Foam”, announcing a place in which space and time change coordinates, as is the case in Cosmic Foam, which cannot be conceived in the physical parameters to which we are accustomed. “Quantum foam” is a concept of quantum mechanics, a description of subatomic time-space, about which we can only speculate today: On Space Time Foam explores and symbolizes these infinite possibilities, serving as a metaphor.”



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