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RADICAL Interactive Tron Skateboard Mini Ramp


WAAYYYY back in December of 2010 Disney’s remake of Tron hit theaters world wide.  To build a bit of street cred and create some hype down in Melbourne, Australia, Disney employed the talents of local design outfit Eness to set up an event that wouldn’t fail to strike awe in the minds of all viewers.  Constructing a mini 4′ half pipe and calibrating imaging software and tall-dollar projectors, Eness produced a spectacle that none would soon forget.

Employing infrared emitting diodes (I.E.D.’s instead of L.E.D.’s), specialty cameras where able to track and interpolate the movement of the skateboarders.  Crunching this information through sophisticated software, the halfpipe became an interactive canvas that the skateboarders would ‘mark’ up with there session.

Taking it to the extreme Eness also developed a iPhone app that allowed for tracking the air time skaters achieved out of the coping- INSANE technological capabilities!  Enough talk, just check it out!


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