Capturing Capacity

Astounding Kinetic Interface for Music Creation.

custom_logic_interfaceA very very innovative and technologically involved endeavor entitled ‘The V-Motion Project’ was tackled last year with the help of state-of-the-art motion capturing cameras.  As with many other pursuits into the radical and extreme/avant-garde , this project was funded by an energy drink company in New Zealand called V Energy.  The tech programming for the project was done Custom Logic – here is a snippet of how they describe the project:

“The interface plays a key role in illustrating the idea of the instrument and we designed it to highlight the audio being controlled by the dancer. Design elements like real time tracking and samples being drawn on as they are played all add to authenticity of the performance.”

Pretty high level shet goin on here.  Enjoy the video.

BONUS!! If you dug on this, you’ll most certainly want to see another awesome example of human / cybernetic integration with skateboarders ripping a mini half pipe with trippy projections!

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