Capturing Capacity

100th POST!!!! MEGA round-up of all things good!


HOLY CANNOLI  !!!!  Exactly two months into this capturing of capacities project, I’m pleased to welcome you all to the 100th posting!  Feeling that its only appropriate, this post includes all mediums of human potential (images, videos, music, modern events, etc.) this is a multifaceted mega round-up.  We’ll start with the TUNES so that you can have a soundtrack for viewing the image portion.


Make sure to check the music video for the above tune (“Roller Soul”) at the bottom of this post!


NOW FOR SOME IMAGES (all images are loosely related to the concept of humans exercising a form of capacity):


FIRST UP in the video portion, is a montage of chaos filmed with the Phantom Flex video camera (super slow mo) – it epitomizes the visual documentation capturing capacity:

You’re most likely familiar with the “Humans are Awesome” line of YouTube videos – they document the outrageous physical feats humans are capable of:


  1. Mary Lynne Johnson

    Congratulations, Travis. Keep up the amazing work. I’ve shared some of your posts with Keegan and I think he will be on board soon. Thanks for your inspiration. xoxoxox

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