Capturing Capacity

Buckle UP!!! It’s da 200th MEGA-Post!!

200th_feat Welcome to the 200th Post of this humble little site!  Jeez La-wheez it’s been a while since the last update on this site – the past few weeks have been super busy with hanging an exhibition of some of my photographs in a sweet little tea shop here in Bend – for those of you that aren’t able to make it in person I’ve included the selection of photographs on display below.  But let’s get some tunes rockin eh?  Hit the ol’ play button below and get some background music to set the mood :]

The Good, The Bad & The Gypsy by Crookram

Alright, so here is a gallery of what is currently hanging in Townshend’s tea shop here in Bend, Oregon (the captions  have the same text as the placards near the hanging photos).

Documentation of the actual photos on the walls of the tea shop are forthcoming.  Before we continue with the rest of the 200th Post festivities I must do a quick ‘plug’ / self-promotion bit:  If you yourself would like to have a print of one of the above images, please drop an e-mail my way @ , and we can go about either sending a digital file or fully framed piece your way.

Okay, so by now you’ll probably be needing an audio re-fill for the background – give one of these 3 tracks a spin (or alll):

Où es-tu mon amour (Instrumental) by Mindpleasure and Friends

While the blues re-hash of John Lee Hooker booms, or the swanky samples of J Dilla are bumping (or the other track in the case that the SoundCloud tracks are being uncooperative as they sometimes are), take a gander @ the gallery below for some mind bending bits that I have collected from around the internet:

To wrap it all up, let’s dive into some vidz right quick:

Starting out once again (see the 100th MEGA-post!) with clips of incredible Human Capacities.

Because of the recent entry into the year of the snake here is an amazing (and somewhat savage) Chinese Zodiac animated montage:

And finally, a brilliant opening from a Bollywood Cop movie:

Well, if you’ve made it all the way down here, thanks for your enthusiastic reading and being a part of this experimental  web blog called Capturing Capacity !!  All the best, and see ya real soon!


Thanks to sites like : ,, , and for the constant flow of imagery they intrigue with (most of the images in featured in the mixed bag are from these sites).


  1. Mary Lynne Johnson

    WOW, Trav. You just blew me away with your photographic talent. Wish I could come for tea and see your work in person. One of these days, I plan to. Meanwhile, keep up the great posts. Wishing you all the best. Love you!

  2. dj

    Okay- so this was so much fun!! Felt like a chick breaking its way through the shell – so much unity with all senses; thank you. Peace/Love!

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