Capturing Capacity

Cal Earth and the Beauty of Nader Khalili’s SuperAdobe

Iranian-born Architect Nader Khalili pos

photo credit: Gabriel Bouys

“We send our children into the world with the notion that a house must have a pitched roof, a square window and a chimney. How can they ever imagine they can build something beautiful out of dirt?” – Nader Khalili

“Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise” – Rumi

Heavily inspired by (and translator of) the words of Rumi, Nader Khalili lived his life as a scholar & a mystic.  Khalili will go down as one of the wisest and humanitarian-focused individuals the human race has had the pleasure of having amongst its ranks.  Developing the self contained rammed-earth practice of SuperAdobe at Cal-Earth, Nader was a visionary of a very special kind.  Here are some photos that I took while spending a few weeks on the Cal-Earth campus in Hesperia, CA back in May 2010 for a SuperAdobe workshop.


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