Capturing Capacity

AWESOME / Experimental Documentary Entitled “Leviathan”

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.35.50 AM“Exploring the space between art film and documentary,” ‘Leviathan’ is a highly innovative survey of life on a ground-fish trawler off the coast of Massachusetts.  Originally learning about this project through the New York Times homepage, further investigation only caused greater intrigue.  The film is a product of Harvard’s “Sensory Ethnography” department, and is just flat out awe-inspiring.  The cinematographic execution is extremely original, and stands as testament to the incredible versatility and vantage-possibilities that the GoPro, and other similar small video cameras, are presenting.  The official trailer is below, but visit Leviathan’s Site, to get a bit more content.  Also click this link to go and see the NY Times clip that has brief interview snips with the Directors.


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