Capturing Capacity

‘Black Hole’ Photo Project by Fabian Oefner.

Fabian Oefner is becoming a living legend through his execution of groundbreaking experimentation with hi-speed & macro photography .  His latest project entitled ‘Black Hole’, is a beautiful capturing of paint being spun off of a drill bit.  Utilizing around a half dozen strobes to provide enough light for the 40,000th of a second exposure (think about that for a moment – one 40,000th of a second!), Fabian has snapped images that are extremely rare.  Check out the feature on his bubble project here, and the photos of his ferro-fluid work here.  Also, Oefner has been gracious enough to share a short process video with everyone through his Vimeo account , making clear how these shots were made – check it out after the gallery below.



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