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Climate Change Rockstar / Prophet: Bill McKibben.

dtm_equation At the end of 2012, Bill McKibben and crew went on a rockstar-esque nation wide romp called the “Do The Math” tour.  Spreading the facts of climate science and presenting figures for lighting fires under people, the team have started an impressive movement to divest from companies and practices that have ties to the fossil fuel industry.  Growing in size, this opposition against dirty energy institutions and supporters is becoming a barreling snowball down a powdery slope (a maritime type of powder [wet]).  Too add mass to said ball and gain speed, has created a 40 minute documentary from footage accumulated from the tour, and will be debuting it this Earth Day.  dtm_the_stakes_crop

You want to be a part of the snowball you say?  Well wouldn’t you know, it couldn’t be any easier to get rollin’ than right now.  Check out the site to see if there is a viewing event of the new “Do The Math Movie” in your area, and if there’s not HOST ONE!  If you decide to host one, 350.og will send a copy of the movie your way.  Check out the trailer below to get pumped:

Being that Bill McKibben is a tireless environmentalist machine, he also just pumped out a very accessible article in Rolling Stone magazine.  Very digestible, McKibben’s piece is entitled “The Fossil Fuel Resistance”, and will surely have people thinking about and supporting the recent divestment movement.

If you are an individual concerned with the future of life on this planet, you should heavily consider joining this movement and supporting in their efforts to build this movement.  If there is not a screening organized for your area, make it happen!






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