Capturing Capacity

Take Action on the Keystone XL Pipeline!

keystone_350Don’t worry, ‘Action’ in this case doesn’t mean marching around with signs and chaining yourself to trees. has recently begun a public comment campaign directed toward the State Department, and the goal is for 1,000,000 supporters to lend their digital voices.  The process literally takes all of 30 seconds (less if you are a proficient mouse clicker), so if you care about the world, future generations, and skiing and snowboarding AT ALL, you will do the Earth a favor and make a series of simple clicks and brief info entering, beginning with this one right HERE.  PLEASE lend a half-minute of your day to contribute to the push towards the meaningful million collective voices this opposition needs (currently they are 3/4 the way towards that goal, and have 3 days left).

Also, if you missed the recent post on Bill McKibben and’s new documentary of the “Do The Math Tour” please click here to see a trailer and find other ways to get involved.


Some of these photos are courtesy of Edward Burtynsky.


  1. Glad to add my name and to play it forward to an interested crowd…Haven’t we all experienced the weather weirding?
    Thx also for the Rolling Stone link in previous post.

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