Capturing Capacity


Greetings family and friends (as well as complete strangers)!  Giving updates on personal life is somewhat of a rare occurrence on this site, but we felt inclined to show you some of the things that have been happening as of late.  Roarke and I have been living a fairy-tale lifestyle of beautifully rudimentary proportions up in the Northeast corner of Oregon – just outside the small town of Joseph.  We were blessed with an amazing opportunity to partake in a quasi WWOOFing experience on a little piece of heaven that is a part of a ranch style property of a good friend’s.  Residing in a yurt within a valley historically used by natives for ranging horses, there are only a handful of neighbors in the 3 square mile vicinity.  Anyways, it is quite a sacred space and a wonderful adventure thus far.

Below you will find photo documentation of some of the escapades over the past 2 weeks in chronological order, you’ll find numerical descriptions below the gallery.

(1) The “Facebook Us” sign was outside an abandoned bar in Madras, OR on our drive out to Joseph.  (2)The creek crossing is the ‘driveway’ to the yurt. (3) Unloading at the yurt.  (4) Roarke has gained a lot of weight recently and ponchos are the only thing that fit him anymore. (5)  This is a picture of the supermoon setting when we where in Hagerman, Idaho for Jordan and Sarah Merrell’s wedding (taken by Roarke!) (6-11) are from a hike Roarke and I went on up Hurricane Creek – freakin’ radical.


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