Capturing Capacity

THIS…. IS …..POST 300!

caution_spartaAlthough not as high caliber as a scantily clad Gerard Butler thrashing Persians and booting messengers into pits, this posting #300 should prove entertaining.  Keeping in line with past mile marker posts, there will be a showcasing of humankind’s vast array of creative potential.  Wheeza (we is) gunna start it off with a song for some mood setting:

Below are some small visual appetizers which serve as fine examples in regard to the potential of the human cerebral:

Encapsulating the capacities of internal combustion engines, boats, sport, photography, and lighting tech, Red Bull has pushed boundaries again with their media house.  Check out the example shot below and the video production (below the photo) of a fresh and unique take on long exposure photography!


And to wrap it up here are a few delightful GIFS and Audio treats!

tokin_skeleton psychedelic bam_lava_lampsgoodleaf


Thanks for stoppin’ by!!


  1. tom

    Congrats on number 300! Really appreciate the entertainment and the spikes of creative inspiration.
    MORE please.

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